iPad Pro Objects not appearing.

I am working on a course that has to be delivered to be accessible on an iPad pro 12.9 (2732 x 2048 px screen dimensions). The issue is that objects that are positioned towards the bottom of the screen aren't showing up when the iPad is positioned in landscape view. When the iPad is rotated into portrait view the objects will then be visible.

I have tried altering the player settings but that hasn't resolved the issue. Has anyone else had this issue? The only idea I have left to fix the issue is to somehow lock the player in portrait view using Javascript, but I don't know how to write that code and even if I did whether it would be effective.

Any potential solutions will be greatly appreciated!

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Jessica Andrezze

Hi Phil, I am replying on behalf of Jordan as we are working on this together. Ideally the course is to be viewed in landscape mode, however when it is in landscape mode, any objects near the top or bottom of the screen are not visible. The objects all appear as expected when in portrait mode, however I do not want to lock it in portrait mode as it was not designed to be optimally viewed that way. The story size of the course is 1024 x 768. The course is currently set to display at users current browser size and scale player to fill browser window. The course works fine on regular size iPads, it is just the iPad pro that is giving us issues. While we need this to work across all iPads, the majority of our audience is using the iPad Pro, so we need to get this figured out. Curious if anyone else has experience this. 

Daniel Mensch

Yes!  I reported exactly this issue within this thread about three months ago. 

We have an open case on this, with some workarounds suggested by Support, but no resolution of the actual problem.

Our course is designed and built for 16:9 aspect ratio and with the classic player.   Very recently the support team found that 4:3 in the modern player eliminates the problem, i.e., all objects are displayed as they should in both landscape and portrait.

But in our case, two courses are already deployed in 33 languages, so retroactively redesigning for 4:3 and reapplying to 66 course files is simply out of the question. As well, the modern player doesn't support Flash fallback or Flash first publishing options, which we need. 

So we have been anxiously awaiting a fix in a new build, but nothing so far in the two builds released in the recent 30 days.  Unfortunately, we can't even be comforted with any insight that a fix will in fact be available some day in the not too distant future. 

The iPad is a critical platform for the client's learner base of 130 000+ in 4500 locations.  They are far from happy, and are increasingly questioning our choice of SL360 as the authoring tool. 

Any arguments to the contrary would be greatly appreciated. 


Katie Riggio

Hi, folks! I'm excited to let you all know that we just released update 19 for Storyline 360–check out all the goodies it includes here! 🎁

One of the fixes addresses an issue where text could disappear when viewing courses on iPads in landscape mode. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to see everything the latest release has to offer. Let us know what you think!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jen,

This issue does sound familiar -- tell me more about what's happening.

  • Are these custom buttons on the slide, or player buttons?
  • Is the bottom portion of the slide getting cut off, or are the buttons just disappearing?

With your permission, I'd like our Support team to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can send it to us privately by uploading it here. They'll delete it when they are done troubleshooting.

Jennifer Christian

Hi Alyssa,

We actually have a ticket open regarding this issue and the file has been
uploaded as part of that ticket. The ticket number is: 01637637

Thank you,

Jennifer Christian

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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing that case number, Jen. It looks like you are already working with Katie. I've shared your comments from this conversation in your case for continuity.

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