iPad resume saved state issue

I have developed a training whereby the lessons are all on a home screen.  the user has to select each lesson to be brought to the content.  The slide is set to resume saved state.  The buttons are set to disabled until audio completes and then they are set to completed when a variable changes.  The module works perfectly fine on a computer but it won't work on an iPad.  I can review the first lesson but then when i return to the home screen, I can't click on the second or third lesson.  I'm wondering if there's a known issue on the ipad with resuming a saved state or if there's a work around for this issue.  Here's the layout of the screen.  Thanks for the help!!!

Here's my trigger panel for this slide


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for sharing the images here and a detailed explanation. There is an known issue right now, which has been reported to our Quality Assurance team for review, where the HTML5 output on an iPad is having inconsistent behavior with "resume saved state". I'll add this thread to the existing QA report, and that when when additional information becomes available I'll be able to share here with you.