ipad Safari quiz tracking fail using Reset to Initial State

Oct 15, 2013

I need this to work in the ipad Safari browser, not in the ipad Storyline app because the LMS does not speak TinCan.  I need this to work in a browser because with the browser the SCORM API is used to communicate tracking to the LMS.

In my multiple-choice questions, select the gear to change Properties on the base layer.  If I leave "When Revisiting" at the default setting of "Automatically Decide" the score increments with each correctly answered question.

If I set it to "Reset to Initial State" instead, such questions are rendered score-less, the score does not increment when I answer the question correctly--when viewing the course in Safari on ipad.  When I get to the results slide, no score change happened as a result of these correctly answered questions; the score is only updated for questions that have "Automatically Decide" selected.  This is unexpected and terribly disappointing.

Why is this?

This is a SCORM 1.2 package with "Track using quiz result" selected.  Again, launching from LMS in ipad Safari. I need to allow users to go back and take questions again if they get them wrong which is why I want to select "Reset to Initial State"

In the attached 2-question course you get feedback on each question that you got it right, but you'll see your score is 50% when you get to the results screen (and a score of 50% is sent to the LMS, e.g., cloud.scorm.com).  Again, these question screens are identical except for the setting; I made the first question, then copied it, and changed only the setting in the copy. If I launch in IE on my Windows 8 system, both questions are scored as correct and I get a score of 100% on both the results screen and in the LMS.

Thanks, I'd greatly appreciate any insight!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing your file here and I tested it fully and was able to get the same results you described. My one thought, is you mentioned that they need to be able to retake the quiz questions if they'd like and that is why you had it set on the revisit to reset to initial state - but there was not a quiz retry button, or any next/previous button functionality. If, you're talking about separate attempts all together, you may want to look into the Resume behavior and have it set to Never resume - this would give the user a way to take the whole quiz again, and try for a new result. 

If you'd still like the slide properties to be set to "reset to initial state" would you be able to submit a Support case with the file so that our team could do some more investigating? 

David Kelling

Thanks for the reply and the suggestions.  However... Regardless of my intent for retaking the quiz questions or the method by which the user will get there, shouldn't the quiz score update in iPad Safari? I'm not clear, it seems you are implying that if I turn on the Quiz Retry button or any Next/Previous functionality the score will then update--the first time I take the quiz-- in iPad Safari, is that what you are saying?  I have spent so many hours pulling hair out finally figuring out this non-intuitive result of Reset to Initial State (something that seems it should affect what happens the next time you visit the question, not the first time) I don't want to waste more time...  My real course does have Next/Previous enabled and it makes no difference.  It works fine in Windows browsers so before I put the effort into it, are you saying the score will update--the first time I go through the quiz--in iPad Safari if I enable Quiz Retry?  It seems so counter intuitive, the idea that allowing the user to Retry the quiz is what is going to make it so the first time the user takes the quiz the score updates with each correct answer in iPad Safari...  I don't want, and it doesn't seem I should have to: make the user do all quiz questions again as the only option for improving the score but if you are saying that too will make it so that correctly answered questions in iPad Safari will update the score the first time, well, that would be helpful to have clarified as well. Thanks much, David  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

I'm sorry to have caused further confusion, I was just trying to understand a bit more about the logic behind the set up you had so that I could offer more information to help determine a correct solution for you, as I thought the goal you were describing was to allow the user to retake the quiz and without a way to get back to the quiz question itself (retry, next, previous buttons, etc) I was a bit confused myself.  Since this only seems to happen for me within the HTML5 output on my iPad (not within the Articulate Mobile Player) when I test in safari and chrome. I've shared this with our Support team on your behalf so that they can do some further testing and report to our QA team as a bug if that is what they find. You should be hearing from someone shortly. 

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