iPad Safari sometimes audio plays "Fast" - Voice sounds like a chipmunk

Hi there!

I've published 20+ modules for HTML5 playback (specifically iPad Safari). Every once in a while when a module loads, the audio plays back fast and makes the voiceover sound like a high pitch "chipmunk".  The iPad I've been testing on has the latest iOS 8 update.

I'm using Storyline 1 with the Update 7 (1410.2419) installed. 


If I refresh the course, the audio usually fixes itself and then plays fine, but it does require a refresh. The audio will not right itself on it's own.


I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if so, if anyone has determined why this happens? 


Thank you!


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Gregory Wilton


Here's a discussion on a similar topic as it relates to Studio '09.


The next step is to check out the sample rate of the audio files.  I think this article makes a nice analogy for how sample rates can produce the "chipmunk" effect.



Amber Wade

John, do you recall if your project that did this had video embedded on any slides? I've been doing a lot of testing the last couple of days and this is one thing I'm starting to wonder. The modules I'm working with have video on numerous slides. I ran a test where I deleted all of the videos and then I couldn't get the voiceover to do this anymore. I'm not totally convinced this is the reason, but I'm trying to investigate further. 

Amber Wade

We never found a solution here. I tested, and tested and tested. Tried changing audio settings, shortening audio, publishing with different specs, you name it. I tried different iPads, and different Safari versions, and was never able to find a common denominator.  The Articulate staff here said they were not able to replicate the issue from their side, but we've been able to experience it, fairly consistently here. We finally just stopped testing as I felt that we exhausted all avenues. I'd still love to find a solution.

Keith K.

I have also been encountering this issue with some Storyline 2 releases. Most of the time the audio is fine, but I just launched a course on an iPad and the audio was slower, as though it had been slowed/pitched down 10% or so. The audio continued to do that throughout all frames. When I closed and relaunched, everything was back to normal. This was also in Safari.