iPad screen won't resize when launched via LMS. Screen is cutoff

Here's the situation.

  • Screen opens fine via LMS when opened vertically
  • Screen opens fine outside of LMS when opened vertically
  • Screen re-sizes fine when opened horizontally outside of LMS
  • Screen doesn't re-size when opened horizontally via LMS only

In short, when opening a course horizontally in iPAd via the LMS the course gets cut off on the bottom and it won't resize like it does when it's launched outside of the LMS.

I found this to be the case for all Storyline courses launched via this LMS.  Has anyone else experienced such a thing?  Any possible solutions?  Is this a Storyline issue or LMS?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi CK1,

We've recently seen this reported in connection to LMS's that launch Storyline within an iframe. It's been reported to our QA team for their review, although I do not currently have a time frame to offer in regards to a fix. If you'd like to confirm that you're experiencing the same issue, you may want to test your content at SCORM Cloud which does not launch in an iframe and view that course on your iPad. Also, if you're able to use the Articulate Mobile Player (your LMS would need to support Tin Can API) the course will launch as expected.

Please let us know anything else, and if you'd like to share your .story file with us to confirm, please let me know and I can send directions on how to share it. 


Thank you for that informative response.  I tested the course on SCORM cloud and sure enough it plays fine. So we know it's LMS related...depending on how you look at it.  

However, it still leaves the problem that courses built using Storyline are having this issue on a major corporations's very commonly used LMS system. Tin Can is not an option.  Which leaves Storyline in the spotlight as a preferred application or not for many years to come.  By chance, would you know if an LMS has the ability to 'turn off' launching in an iframe or not?  

While it may be not fair, it will be up to Storyline to find a way to work seamlessly with the LMSs in the world...especially the major ones.

I'm hoping a fix comes soon.  Thanks again.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi CK1,

I certainly understand and it's something we've shared with our QA team. I'll keep you posted on what I hear from them, although I don't have a time frame to offer regarding a fix. 

You may want to contact your LMS team regarding turning off the iframe, or if there is another method they would suggest. 

Stefano Posti

Hello CK1,

Quoting your "While it may be not fair, it will be up to Storyline to find a way to work seamlessly with the LMSs in the world...especially the major ones", you have to take into account that LMSs have different players, so it's not possible for any Authoring tool  (all tools, not only Storyline or Studio) to solve these issues.

The LMS player code should then be optimized for responsivness and device-detection in order to function properly. It's a LMS related issue we all face... and this is a fact, not an opinion.

hope it helps,