iPad - slow response when linking to Question Bank

I'm experiencing a problem where it's taking several minutes for game questions to appear on the iPad. Any clues from the Community are much appreciated...

I'm not in a position to share my Story (sorry about that) but I am attaching a PDF with two screen prints to show the set-up of my question banks.

The question banks are inserted into a game-based course with 2 rounds of play.

  • There are 4 Question Banks (1 for each topic) and each bank includes 6 questions.
  • Each round requires the learner to answer 3 questions from each bank - and... 
  • twice they land on the challenge square in which they must answer a more difficult question. That question is not randomized and I have it locked at the bottom of the QB tree - unless it is the question being asked. 
  • To get to the question bank, the learner clicks either a hotspot or the next button (I've tried both triggers)... This is where the problem comes in.

The question shows up immediately on the PC or Laptop, but on the iPad, after the trigger is tapped, it can literally take minutes for the question to show up. It's been tested on SCORM Cloud and the client's LMS on 2 differrent iPad devices with the same results.

I've tried everything I can think of and now I'm to the point where I'm beginning to think I won't be able to randomize the questions - or - could it be ??? - not be able to include question banks? 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christine (Stumped),

I know you mentioned not being able to share your .story file, but after looking at your PDF I was a bit more confused than when just reading the post. I could send you directions to share it privately or even could you create a mock up example that exhibits the same behavior you could share that one here in the forums?

Just let me know which would work best!

Joyce Nelson-Avila

Hi Ashley, I am going to attempt to take the 4 Chance questions out of the questions banks so that when someone lands on Chance there will just be one question pertaining to that category instead of the programming for the question bank. I will take that Chance question out of each question bank as well. There will be just one question bank with random question selection per category when someone lands on a question square in the game. (Now there are 2 of the same question banks per category-one for the random questions and one for the Chance question)

Hopefully this will work!