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When I created courses, the way they show up on an iPad is different than the way it appears on a desktop. I use SL3. Another developer created the same type of courses, but used SL2. When her lessons are viewed on an iPad, they look the same as if it were a desktop.

How can I make my courses look like they do on a desktop when viewed on an iPad? Currently for me, there's a menu icon at the top right, and when clicking it to view the menu the original screen is completely covered over. I am hoping this change can be made, and is not a locked-down property of the new player.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Sanju!  Storyline 360 offers two player styles, and here's how they behave in each environment:

Classic Player:  On desktop, you'll see the traditional Storyline player with any formatting you've applied in the Player Properties window.  On mobile, you'll see the mobile responsive player which gives your slide content more room on smaller screens.  This is the same experience you'll have with Storyline 3.

Modern Player:  The main player features and design look the same on both desktop and mobile, giving your course a unified look no matter where it's being viewed.  The modern player has a clean feel with the choice of a light or dark theme.  It looks similar to the mobile responsive player you see in Storyline 3.

This article has a great visual comparison between the modern and classic player of Storyline 360 on different screens.

Sanju T

No, the Modern Player did not meet our needs. We want the Menu to be displayed at the same time as the slide content. We are using the 'menu' for a transcript of the narration. The Modern Player will show the transcript, but we lose visibility of the slide content. It's either see slide content or see transcript, which is extremely limiting.

Crystal Horn

I understand, Sanju.  You've given us a lot of information about what you need, so I'm submitting a feature request to have Notes be a side panel option, rather than covering slide content.   I'll make the request for Storyline 3's responsive player since you're using that version.

In the meantime, a workaround would be designing the narration transcript to show on the actual slide rather than from the Player Notes section.  We also have the closed captioning feature, but it seems like you want to show the entire transcript for your narration, rather than the closed caption style of showing what's currently being read.

Sanju T

Thanks Crystal! I guess that's why I received a reply regarding a feature request I didn't submit! :)

We could add a textbox to the actual slide for transcripts, but at this point that's more development than we budgeted for with our deadlines. 

And yes, CC won't work for us due to the limited space available for the transcript.