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Aug 29, 2016

I have numerous courses that have been developed for a patient education site. Most of these courses are accessed using iPads at local clinics. I recently updated all of my Storyline courses because many of the iPads went through an iOS update. Everything works fine except one course. The user gets the spinning Articulate wheel and the course never opens. All other courses work fine. I have unpublished and republished. I have deleted and re-added the Articulate player. I am at a loss at this point. Please help me. I have attached the .story file.

Thank you.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jeremy!

I'm happy to help! I do see a similar snag that our team is investigating. It is specific to LMS mobile apps and viewing the course on an iPad. It sounds like that's exactly what you're experiencing! 

From here, I'd love for our Support Engineers to step in so they can test out your file in the same environment where you are seeing the snag. You can use this link to upload your file to our team.

We'll test your file and keep you updated on our findings!

Jeremy Boehl

Hi, I sent the same information in an email to Articulate Support and received this disappointing response that they have no plans to update Articulate 360 to resolve this issue. Let me know if there is a reason to submit a zip package or story file for one of our courses that won't launch on iPad OS 13 or later and I will post it to that link. 


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support!

I understand that the Storyline 360 course is not launching on your client's mobile app. 

Storyline 360 publish option can't turn off ds-bootstrap.min.js referencing in the published output for a specific device. 

Articulate software and its published output are supported as they are. We don't offer advice on customizing the published output to work in a specific LMS environment. I'd recommend submitting your question to our community to see if others have found a solution for a similar situation: 

If you're looking to make customizations for your LMS, you may want to consider hiring a consultant to assist you. We recommend Rustici Software.  

I also don't see the newer ds-bootstrap version in the roadmap. Please bookmark this page to keep up with the Articulate 360 features that are currently in development:


Let me know if you need anything else!

Renato Tecson

Customer Support Engineer

Articulate Support

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