iPhone and Storyline 360 - 'Drag up for fullscreen' and 'return key'

Hi everyone,

A couple of questions regarding our courses when played on an iPhone. These courses are enabled to use HTML5 before Flash and have custom made  next/previous buttons.

1)'Drag up for fullscreen' - Is there any way to remove this feature?

2)When typing into a Text Entry field, clicking return on the keypad triggers the course to move on to the next screen. Is there a solution to this?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there M!

I haven't seen a way to remove the "Drag Up for Fullscreen" feature, but you may be able to remove it by making adjustments to the published output file. I'll leave it to the community to share their ideas on how to make that happen!

Can you tell me more about the text entry slide? Do you have any triggers to jump to the next slide when the control loses focus on the text entry field?

Crystal Horn

Hi M.  Do you have feedback enabled?  Hitting enter will submit a text entry question by default on both mobile and desktop.  Once submitted, the user will see correct or incorrect feedback if it's enabled.  Otherwise, they'll move to the next slide.

Do you think that's what's happening?  Perhaps you can modify the feedback layers so they land there first if you have more content you want to show them on that slide before moving along!

Prospect Digital

Hi Crystal, No feedback is enabled as this text entry is for the user to send us back any feedback on the course they have just completed.

Is there any way to disable the function that moves the user onto the next screen after clicking submit? We are having issues where the user hasn't completed their feedback as they want to start a new paragraph/point therefore clicking enter.