Irregular error

I made a scene with more than 100 slides.

The basic composition of the scene is not complicate.

Every 6 slides is one lesson and only when a learner checks first 5 slides, the learner can see a quiz button which leads to the sixth slide (quiz slide).

Likewise, there are many other quizzes.

The problem is that mostly it works well, but sometimes quiz button doesn't show up, eventhough a learner checked first 5 slides.

Especially, this happened a little bit often when it is hosted by google drive.

I need some help to know the reason.

Thanks all.








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Christie Pollick

Hi, Dongyup -- Thanks so much for reaching out here and sorry for your troubles! First, you may already be aware, but I wanted to note as described here that "Google Drive will no longer work after August 31, 2016. Consider using Amazon S3Dropbox, or your own website instead." That being said, may I ask if you are also finding this behavior when you test your course in other environments such as if publishing for Web?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Dongyup -- Thanks for you reply, and you would be able to use on mobile devices or PC/Mac in any browser, but I should note that as the name suggests, it is only a temporary testing environment. After upload, content will only be accessible via the link generated for 10 days. Here's an oldie-but-goodie blog post about Tempshare if you'd like to take a look.