Is An Articulate 360 Plugin Required for Android and iOS Devices?

Are plugins still required to run courseware on popular smartphones and tablets?  I haven't received an answer from the Articulate team. The Articulate 2 plugin was full of bugs/incompatabilities and highly inconvenient for end users.  Who knows how many customers I lost or never acquired who accessed buggy demos...

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Judson,

Articulate 360 is a whole suite of tools, and you'd still need to enabled the Presenter add in within Powerpoint to use that specific tool. As far as plugins for running on mobile devices, are you thinking of the Articulate Mobile player? If so, no need to use that if you don't want too - you can use the HTML5 only/HTML5 first then you can have folks view it in one of the browsers supported here.