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S.  Dyson

We're seeing the same problem. Storyline is constantly crashing, particularly with project files from previous versions.  This is the second week we'll be missing our deadlines because of Storyline problems. The requirement to reinstall Storyline every time we open a project is inefficient. Is there a way to "roll-back" to a previous version that's more stable? That would be extremely useful.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi S and Layton,

I'm sorry you've both run into issues with the latest Storyline update - I'd want to confirm you're using Update 10 released early this month (November). You can check by opening Storyline and navigating to the Help tab - > clicking About Articulate Storyline and you should see the update number listed there. 

We wouldn't expect it to continually require you to reinstall, and if it does our Support team is around to help investigate. If they aren't able to resolve it with you, they can provide a link to an earlier build of Storyline 360. 

Sonja Sirkka

Also voting for a roll-back due to all kind of issues that came with the lates update (we are in version v3.10.13923.0):

- translation issues (random text boxes appear, during last translation file import we found 300 additional text boxes that appeared from nowhere!!)
- drag&drop interactions including states not working (reported to Articulate Support)
- languages are cut off (already confirmed software bug by Articulate)
- using Articulate 360 is so slow that we are also missing deadlines
- aligning objects without the center guide is very time consuming

Is there a support hotline number available as we need to have these issues urgently fixed?

Dominik Ginthier

In addition to the above problems I am no longer able to create Hyperlinks properly. Instead of selection one word it always selects the whole text box. 

Is it possible to roll-back to the previous version until the issues are fixed?

I am wasting currently hours with work-arounds. We submitted several support cases. I just got a confirmation, but no solution. All of my colleagues have the same issues and performance problems.

Dominik Ginthier

Hi Adrienne,

I can give you an explanation on the numbers. The numbers indicate where an object is located on the slide. Let‘s assume your slide size is 1280x720. In the upper left corner the numbers show (0,0) and in the lower right corner they show (1280,720), as a result you know exactly where your object is located. This comes in handy if you like to exactly position objects on different slides or layers. I hope this helps a bit. 

I am also missing the center alignment indication in the previous version it was indicated by a grey dotted line. Now I need some additional click to align objects  



Dominik Ginthier

I contacted the support several times by now and unfortunately haven't received any helpful answer. We would really like to roll-back to Storyline 360 Build 3.9.13567.0. 

Everyone seems to avoid/ignore my question regarding this topic. The support is just buying time by asking for more details. I am really happy to help, but in the meantime I have to work on my projects, which is not possible. In addition to the above mentioned issues Storyline crashed today already 3 times. I am saving literally every two minutes. 

Thank you for your help.

S.  Dyson

I vote for a rollback option to any/all 360 versions, because certain versions may be stable for some project files but not others. I wish I had more time to do software testing for you guys, but I do not. The application is on subscription, we can't roll back to stable versions, and Storyline project files are not backward-compatible. When we see crashing and file corruption (as with v3.10), our projects are essentially held hostage until you guys fix the software. Thorough structured top-down testing before each release might improve the situation. 

Sid Sinclair

I've had some bizarre behavior with v3.10 published courses. 
-Quiz slides showing "next" and "previous", even though "submit" is the only option checked, and the only trigger shown.
-Video playing on my base layer is set to pause when another layer appears, but it just rolls on.

If I send my SL file to a colleague using v3.8, these issues don't occur.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dominick,

I took a look at your case, and I see that my coworker Renato sent you the link to download and install Update 9. We don't keep those publicly accessible, but our Support Engineers are happy to provide the links if we're able to determine it's a bug or it's an issue still under investigation. 

Dominik Ginthier

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your reply. I received the download link and successfully rolled back to Storyline Update 9. So far I had no more crashes. It seems to run stable on my computer. 

The biggest issue I unfortunately still have is, that the fonts in Thai are partially cut off, but Robert is taking care of this and confirmed a software bug. I found a way to tweak it and make it work, but this requires to touch every text box separately.