Is anyone else getting error message when working in Narration Script for audio in Storyline 2?

Feb 19, 2015

I keep getting repeated pop-ups with an error message telling me Storyline has encountered a problem and might shut down when I type text into the audio Narration Script box. I'm just wondering if this is a known issue or if I may have something going on with my computer. This is the only feature in Storyline 2 (so far) for which I've encountered such an error message. 


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Glen Boles

Hi Sonya,

I have been getting the same error. It occurs every time I try to pull up the Narration Script box from the recording dialog box.  I have tried across multiple files.   I sent the error report to Articulate.  

If you type your script in the Notes page for the slide, it will appear in the Narration Script without error.   The error only applies when you type something into the Narration Script Box.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Glen,

Did you send an error report through Storyline or as a new case to our support team? If the former, those do go to our QA/Dev team for review and to look at the error as it occurred, but if you need additional assistance you'll want to connect with our Support engineers using that link I mentioned. Have you also gone through the troubleshooting steps I already mentioned? 

Glen Boles

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the quick reply. I sent the report directly through Storyline.    All of my trainings have been directly to my hard drive, and I will have to wait for our IT department to reinstall.  Using Notes to type out my narration isn't that big of a hindrance.   Is there a bug thread in the community?  I have run into a few little bugs, but don't want to submit anything if it has already been discussed.


Sonya Flanders

Thank you for the information, Glen. I値l be sure to use the notes section to type my narration script to avoid the error! ~ Sonya

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Glen! If you sent the error report, this goes to our Dev team for awareness and tracking, but does not identify the user nor allow us to reach back out to you if needed.

We do not keep a 'bug' thread per se, but if you see a relevant thread, you are welcome to comment as well. If you need to reach out to our support team, we encourage you to do so and if it is a known bug already, we let the QA Team know that there are additional customers affected.

I hope that helps :)

Michael Palko

I routinely have the "bug report" dialogue box pop up while i'm typing script.  I also occasionally occurs while recording audio with the mic.  The box pops open multiple times as well.  When it happens while recording audio, all of the boxes need to be closed before you can reach the stop button on the recorded, adding dead space to the end of the recording.

It's really frustrating.  Hoping someone is looking into a fix.

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