Is anyone getting Storyline to work with Jaws?

We have a course in Storyline that we have not been able to get to work with Jaws.

We set up a support case and while the feedback was quick, it did not provide enough for us to know how to fix the issue.  We admit we're brand new at Storyline and 508 compliance. The answer we were given by Articulate is: "Make sure that you are using the latest version of JAWS and Internet Explorer. JAWS will only read the items that are highlighted." Can someone tell me what that means? 

Does anyone have a best practices of the steps you need to follow to set a course up for interacting correctly with Jaws for 508 compliance?

So far using Jaws to test, nothing plays initially. Jaws reads the buttons and Navigation links if they are clicked on, and will read the titles of the menu when that is clicked on, but the slash key tells us there are no clickable buttons.  We heard from Articulate : "Our output doesn't support the Slash key in the sense that the slash key will move to the next clickable item.  This shortcut key is typically associated with HTML content." We were sent a link to a page showing Jaws keystrokes.

Do these specific Jaws keystrokes need to be created in Storyline as triggers? Or is there something else we're missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Diane Elkins

"JAWS will only read the items that are highighted."

The student can move from item to item on the screen by using the tab key.  Items are read from top to bottom and left to right.  You do need to be careful if you have items coming in and out in the timeline.  If the object disappears before the student tabs to it, it will never be read.

I do know that Articulate is working on a best practices paper about 508 compliance.