Is anyone using Storyline for Micro Learning

Sep 06, 2016

I am in the beginning stages of developing my first 'micro learning' course, the user base are working on manufacturing lines.  The objective is to provide an on demand 'training toolkit' that will be accessed on the computers close to their positions/equipment.  I would like to have a menu of scenario based topics of troubleshooting/exception handling by showing videos, images and text instructions.  My questions are about using Storyline for this, that has been my plan (they will be able to run the html. file from their workstations).  However, as I am searching through the discussions here on the topic of 'micro learning' I am seeing many responses of using other development tools and sites...learndash, wordpress etc..  Not finding advise or samples of Storyline being used for this was surprising so I thought I would post a couple of questions bfore I get started.  Can anyone give some input...Have you created a Storyline course that is used for micro learning?  Are there con's to using Storline for the format?  Thank you.

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Chris Cole

Hi Kelly.

Sure, Storyline would have all the capabilities you would need. The specifics of how would you use Storyline to do that would of course be based on what you are trying to accomplish and what your environment is like. The more complex your needs, the more that Storyline would stand apart from a general blog tool like WordPress. Do you have specific needs in mind that you are unsure about?


Kelly Schrodi

Thank you for the input, I think Storyline will work very well for what we need.  And your right Brett...I am wanting the users to be able to pull up this kind of 'toolbox' of troubleshooting tips & tricks on a mobile device as they are standing at their equipment on the production line and a situation comes up where they need to refer to instructions or procedures etc...

Thank you for your quick responses, much appreciated!

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