Is "checked" a reserved name

Nov 07, 2013

I have a custom state for a circle shape in Storyline. I gave the state the name "checked". I'm not sure exactly when it occurs, perhaps when I save or restart, but nonetheless, the trigger that changes this state indicates the state is an invalid name. And I look at the state, and it has autonomously changed the state label to "Selected". I'm not sure where "Selected" came form, I may have used it in the past and be some kind of artefact.

It is not a big deal to change my label, but I was just curious if "checked" was a reserved name, and if so, are there others.



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Dennis Hall

Hi Stanton:

I just tested this issue having both a Selected and Checked state. I set a trigger to change to the Checked state on click. I then previewed as OK, saved, exited SL, reopened SL and see the same results as you report.

One very interesting twist... When I reopen the project, I have 2 states named Selected, my original Checked state got moved to the right-hand end of the states, yet my button / state settings remain intact and the trigger displays an invalid state

When I see teh triggers drop down menu, I have 2 Selected states in the list (ordered according to the states pane) and can choose the one that was Checked.

I preview this setup and it keeps resetting back to the correct Selected state (I suppose because it picks the first in line). So my Checked state (that got renamed to Selected by SL) is never going to trigger.

FYI, if I were to attempt to manually create a new state with the same state name, SL will not allow it.

Clearly Checked is a reserved word used outside of States.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

stanton mackellar

Thanks for the verification Dennis.

I was beginning to question my memory until about the forth iteration of seeing the trigger error, opening the sate, duplicating the "selected" state and naming it checked. I started to suspect something when my triggers automatically accepted the newly created state without me having to update them.



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