Is it possible, that the audio keeps playing

Hey all,

I try to add a sound that keeps playing even if there is a stop at the timeline.

Is this possible?

At the moment the sound stops at the stop-trigger. When u click the button to continue the timeline, the sound starts.

It would be great, if there is a possibility to keep the audio playing even when the timeline stops.


Thanks for help,

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Michele Wendell

I was wondering the same thing.  Great question.  The ONLY thing I could think of would be if we put the audio on one layer and the content on another.  Then we could pause the content layer not the audio layer....but I have not had a chance to try it yet (not that far into the project).  Hopefully someone has some advice for us.




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nadine,

I'd agree with Michele's suggestion here - that you'll likely need to split the elements up into layers, as you won't be able to pause the base layer timeline overall and let audio that is on the base layer keep playing. Let us know how it goes Monday and if you need any other help!