Is it possible to add triggers to buttons on Feedback template?

Hi all, 

I have added a trigger to the "Try Again" button on the feedback template, to change the state of a TRUE/FALSE variable. 

However, when the template is applied to a simple true/false question slide, clicking the button doesn't change the variable.

I have additional triggers on the button at the slide level (open lightbox/hide layer). Perhaps they are cancelling out the template level trigger? 

Your thoughts would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Steven McAneney

I'll do better than that, I'll share two! One is where I have the functionality I want, but all the triggers are on the slides. 

The other is where I have moved the trigger to the template, which doesn't work. Thanks.

Steven McAneney

Walt, thanks but I'm not sure I understand what you're suggesting. 

Do you mean to simply change the order of the triggers on the question slide? I've tried that, and placing the hide layer trigger on the template to no avail. 

If you think it's possible to achieve what I am asking, would you mind modifying my story file to show what you mean? Much appreciated. Thanks.

Walt Hamilton

I'm sharing my troubleshooting process. In the order the triggers are, the close layer trigger doesn't work. When it is put before the lightbox trigger, it does. Therefore I conclude that no triggers are executed after the lightbox trigger on the layer.  Sorry, but I don't have a workaround to suggest.

Steven McAneney

No Ta as in Thanks. Maybe it's an antipodean term. I know about the ordering of triggers, but still don't see any reason why the template trigger to change the state of a variable won't work. Never mind, I've found another solution so she'll be right! (That's antipodean as well.)