Is it possible to ask two questions on one slide?


I was playing around with the thought of asking two questions about an image on a slide, rather than duplicating the 1st slide, and changing the question on the duplicate (Which is what a normal person, who's brain is functioning properly would do!) I will attach a mock-up of the idea, it's probably a crazy idea, just thought I'd ask.


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Vincent O'Connor

Hi Parashuram,

Thanks for the response. I just did a mock up of the questions (in form view) and discovered you cannot copy and paste questions from one question to the next, as in two questions on the same slide!

I was thinking of 20 questions (10 slides) with each slide having the value of 10% and a final pass mark of 80%. The slide and questions would be the same for all questions, the only things that would change would be the image and the question number. I am undecided whether or not to have a 5/10 second countdown before the image dissolves. I would also need to have both questions answered per slide before I can progress to the next slide.

In this form of assessment, I prefer to bring the feedback at the completion rather that during the assessment.


Parashuram Vhaval

Hi Vincent,

As you've already discovered, Storyline does not allow to copy paste question/quiz interaction items. You will need to create your question slide with two questions manually. Just design your screen with required components e.g. - question text, image, radio buttons, etc.

Then you can convert it either in to free-form question or you can program your question on your own. I would suggest to program slide manually, as you want to score these questions independently.

Keeping your explanation in mind "The slide and questions would be the same for all questions" 

this would be onetime effort, and you can use duplicate instates of the same.

At the stage of completion of quiz you want to display  score and feedback. So here again I will suggest not to follow standard result slide, instead you can create your own. 

All customization, can be done using storyline default triggers, conditions and variables.

I Will try to create sample for you.


Vincent O'Connor

Hi Parashuram,

Thanks for taking the time to give me such a comprehensive answer, I'm beginning to wonder would it be better just to stick with plan B; i.e. duplicate slide and change the question, it would alleviate all the work required to get it done on one slide.

I appreciate once I have done this for one slide, the duplicates only need to be modified, not sure how confident I am with variables, when I mimic all the samples given by Articulate staff and customers, I nearly always have to break it down into tiny steps so as I can fully comprehend what is being done.

If you get an opportunity to create a sample that would be great, I would love to see the end product, but don't let it detract you from your work!

Parashuram Vhaval

Hello Vincent,

I have completed this activity, with 3 slides and 6 questions. Also as you mentioned it mandatory to answer both questions on slide to submit answers (actually this thing reduced a bit piece of my work). Please note following points

  1. Every question has 5 points, so every slide has 10 points.
  2. You will need to answer both question to go to next slide
  3. As of now there are only 6 questions so maximum total score is 30 and its mentioned in variable TotalScore.

 Hope the attached file is clear enough to answer your query.


Vincent O'Connor

Nice piece of work Parshuram, it moved very nicely until I intentionally put in a wrong answer on one of the slides, this should have created a 5/6 correct (100 / 6 *5 =83.33%) but it gave the final score as (100 / 6 *4 = 66.67%). I'm not great at variables, but it appears if any answer is unsuccessful, then you lose the questions full mark (Losing 10 points as opposed to 5 points!) This has obviously taken you some time to program, many thanks for your efforts.