Is it possible to autofill a Course's name into a completion email? Storyline 2.

Hi Guys,

Sorry to ask a silly question.

We currently have an issue in that what we call a LMS is actually a CMS, and doesn't use SCORM. We have traditionally relied on honesty for learners to indicate whether or not they have actually completed a course, however this needs to change. A new SCORM/API compliant LMS is years away apparently.

I am designing a workaround in the course itself (in Storyline 2), where when the Success layer is shown, a button appears that when pressed, creates an email which will be sent to the L&D team so they can manually complete the learner in the LMS/CMS.

I am using a modified version of a javascript generously posted by Matthew Bibby, where the learner enters their name, their section and.....this is the problem bit.....the name of the course they just did.

If I was a learner, I would be asking why on earth a course is asking me what course it is :) Is there any way I can script in a variable where the name of the course title auto-populates? So for example, if my course is called "Beekeeping 101", can the script access that, and fill it into the email? Or does it have to be manually entered into a text entry field?

I am trying to reduce the amount of information the learners have to enter as much as possible so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Todd Wheeler

I have provided a solution to my issue whilst finishing my cup of coffee. I must have hit the caffeine level my brain needs to engage.

I am making this process more complicated than it needs to be. If I put the name of the course into the var emailtext, then the learner doesn't need to enter anything at all, as I will have already done it (duh).

I will leave this question up if that's ok, because if there IS a way to autofill the course title without having to type it into the javascript for every course, then that will make for a more efficient workflow for me (and hopefully others!).

Thanks again!