Is it possible to capture slide numbers and names?

It's obvious to me that slide names and numbers are variables (or, more probably, elements in an array). Is there any way to report the slide number (and its name, but I'm really more interested in capturing the slide number) of the original slide in the number (try as I might, I still find there are occasions when my slide numbers in the development environment don't precisely align to the slide numbers as they're reported in the course's menu, a task made even more difficult in courses that use custom-developed menus rather than the player's built-in menu.

My goal in this is to make it easy for the people who QA (review) our courses to report the actual slide number of any slides that they find contain errors (I'd simply put the variable in a text box and put that text box on every page).

Has anyone done this? Is it even possible?

Would love to hear how you did this.


Chris Wall

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Chris, unfortunately these system variables are not exposed in Storyline so there is no easy way to do this.

This is something that a lot of us have asked for so hopefully it will be included in the next full release of Storyline.

I guess you could create your own variable for the slide number and put it on the master page - then set a trigger on each slide to change the value to the slide number.

Geert De Rycke

Hi Chris,

I agree with Nancy.

Although, I wouldn't use slide numbers. Adding and deleting slides may have a lot of adminstrative overhead (renumbering).

Instead I would give each slide a name.

Each slide has a trigger when its timeline starts, which sets a variable that you expose on the master slide...