Is it possible to change the default shape of checkbox (not the tickbox)

Jan 07, 2021

Hello, I am trying to find a way of changing the default shape of the checkbox from the rounded rectangle to a right angled rectangle.

Thanks in advance and apologies if I am missing something obvious.




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Judy Nollet


There are options for checkboxes with right-angle corners. They're just lower in the options box. 

This image shows where/how to access the Check Styles. Some of the right-angle options are already visible, because I had already selected one of those styles. 

FYI: The first image in my initial post above shows all the available Check Styles. The choices include rounded or right-angle corners, as well as different sizes. The Check Fill, Check Border, and Check Color drop-downs can be used to make further adjustments. 

Tom Kuhlmann

Good question. The built-in checkmarks are limited in what you can do to customize. However, there's nothing to stop you from creating your own checkmark and making it look any way you want.

  • Create a shape
  • Add a selected state to it with a checkmark
  • If you want quizzing options, use the convert to freeform, pick many.

Here's a tutorial to show how with some bonus tips. :)

Judy Nollet

Hi again, Ryan,

You can get a right-angled look to a standard checkbox:

Here's how I did that:

  • Select the checkbox object.
  • In the States panel, click EDIT STATES.
  • In the Hover state, do this:
    • Set the Shape Fill to No Fill.
    • Insert a right-angled rectangle with the desired formatting.
    • Send that rectangle to the back.
      • TIP: Make the rectangle a bit longer than the checkbox object. That will let you re-select and edit it, if needed. 

Obviously, it'd be best to get one button set up the way you want it, and then copy-and-paste it to create matching buttons.

Note: I don't see a way to change the glow around the checkbox. That doesn't appear within any given state, so I assume it's just built-in. 

As Tom pointed out, you can create your own completely customized buttons.