Is it possible to crate the two variant and track the completion on LMS for both the variant correctly?

Apr 25, 2018

I am creating the course in storyline 2. In this course, in the start page i.e. launch page I have to show the drop down menu for two different variant e.g. 1) Learner and 2) Manager.

In this if I select Learner variant then it should have 2 units: Unit 1 and Unit 2 which will have 25 slides.

If I select Manager variant then it should have 3 units: Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 which will have 30 slides.

In my course there is not quiz slide or result slide. I have created the course working like the same mentioned above. but I am facing difficulty to show completion on LMS for both variant. I have set 25 slides visited to track the completion. But this creates the problem for second variant to complete the course on LMS.

Is there any solution on this? Is this can be achieve using another work around?

Kindly reply as soon as possible. 

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Suvidha Kadulkar

Thanks Ashley for your response.

In my one variant Learner, as last slide is normal text and images contains not found difficulty to create the result slide. I have created the result slide for Learner variant.

In my second variant Manager, last slide is question slide so found difficulty to make it result slide. How we can solve this problem here? Also for now I have created result slide as last slide in this variant after the question.

While publishing the course for LMS, it allows to select any one of the result slide in Tracking section of Reporting and Tracking options dialogue box.

Also if I create the combine result slide which track the result of the those two result slides from Learner and Manager variants. It will not work as to make the completion on LMS I have to go to those two result slides which is not possible here. This will also not solve my problem.

I want to track the completion on LMS for any one of the variant at a time when we launch the course on LMS. It should work like when we launch the course, launch screen will appear which will ask to select any one of the variant(either Learner or Manager). On completing the course for selected variant, it should show correct completion on LMS not for both.

Please help me to fix this issue.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Suvidha,

Thanks for the additional details.

Within Storyline, you can track by the number of slides viewed or by a single result slide. 

I would suggest the same that Ashley shared above, but if that will not work for you, hopefully someone in the community will be able to pop in and share how they accomplished similar.

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