Is it possible to create adaptive quizzes in Storyline?

May 21, 2014

I was wondering if it is possible to create adaptive quizzing logic in storyline. Here is what I had in mind:

  • 3 question banks - 1 easy, 1 medium, 1 hard difficulty levels
  • Each quiz attempt is served with randomly selected questions from each question bank following the logic below
  • Start off with medium question bank.
  • Serve question 1.
  • If student answers Q1 correctly, then give him question from the difficult question bank.
  • But if student answers Q1 incorrectly, then give him question from the easy question bank.
  • And so on.

Is it possible to implement such a logic in Storyline using question banks or otherwise?



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Eric Nalian

Hey Payal,

Yes, this is possible and a great idea. I do not have much time at the moment to do a full demo, but I set up a mini project to help get started.

  • I created 3 question banks - Easy, Medium and Hard
  • Each question has a T/F variable attached
  • The quiz starts on Easy Question 1 - If the correct answer is selected, the student is sent to Medium Question 1 (it would be randomized, but I only have one question in the bank right now)
  • For the Medium Question 1, if the correct response is chosen the student is sent to Hard Question 1, and if the incorrect question is chosen the student is sent back to Easy Question.

If I have some time later, I'll finish setting up the variables and the rest of the questions for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Payal Tandon

This is wonderful. Thank you so much Eric for your prompt response and your file.  I looked at it real quick and got very excited to try it out.  I will give it a shot and get back to you

Once again truly appreciate your help in this matter.  Absolutely love the Articulate community and its people like you who make the community so much appreciable.  :)



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