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Kevin Croteau

I am also looking for a similar solution bc I am not interested in hosting on Articulate Online.

Chris, please let me know if you found a solution and I will do in kind.  I'm also trying to resolve the issue not only of payment, but access and limiting the time frame involved.


Kevin Croteau

James, that is fantastic.  I like it.  The only obstacle would be do I limit the access for a set period or a set # of times the course is able to be viewed.  Your method appears to be the quickest and most efficient method.
Guess what, I already have a members section but it leads nowhere only a registration.  It also fills up space on my homepage.
If interested here is an email I wrote regarding other isssues.
Thanks again!!!
Payment Systems /Issues:

 I'm interested in using PayPal as the payment method forelearning courses that I would like to charge for on my website.
Can you please tell me about the logistics for the followingissues after users make a payment:
1. Are users sent an access code2. How do I handle allowing only a limited # of times thecourses are accessible or thatt the user only has a set time period to accessthe courses (ex. 7 days).3. Is there a common method so that only 1 user has accessvs. multiple users of a department?4. Any advice on a subscription based service?5. Do you know if I need a learning management system or anyadvice on a learning management system like Moodle?
I know some of these are out of scope of PayPal but any helpwould be greatly appreciated or direction on resolving these issues.  I imagine they are pretty common.
Thank you.
Kevin R. Croteau 

James Snider

PayPal allows you to set up subscription periods which the user can make automatically renewable or one-time. So you could allow them access for a 7-day period and then their login credentials would automatically expire. You can choose varying subscription periods the user could select to purchase as well. Within your protected/member-only directory, you can create as many directories as you'd like - such as one for each lesson. That way a person only has access to the one lesson they purchased. You would just need to set that up with PayPal to log them into the directory to which they purchased access.

There's also a new PayPal alternative called Flint (flint.com) that's gaining traction. Both let you sell online.

Kevin Croteau

James,  you are AMAZING!!!
One last question.  Any idea what one should pay for a standard course to be created by a consultant or company?  So far I've created myself and think they are professional but may go the other route in the future.
Thank you so much.  
Incredible, I am so excited.

James Snider

Heh, thanks. As far as price, that I couldn't really speak to. I develop lessons for a State agency of which I'm directly employed. However, in some research I did to see how much the State saves having me develop rather than the original contractor, I read that the average industry cost is $25,000 - $45,000 per hour of instruction. I'm not sure how that translates to creating lessons and selling them individually instead of to an organization or institution though. I don't know how many users they calculate into that average.

Kevin Croteau

Hey James, I wanted to keep you updated for future reference on my discussions with PayPay.  

They specified that both the login credentials and time limit weren't possible although the time limit seems odd because they have the subscription time limit.  Unfortunately, their subscription period includes Never, then 2,3,4, etc, but doesn't include a 1 time period.  Odd, so simple.
Here is my new posting in the discussion forum.  Still appreciate all your help
I am very interested in learning how other Articulate Storyline users are handling their payment systems, providing login credentials after payment, and limiting the time period permitted to view thier elearning courses.
I had hoped to use PayPal but I'm running into obstacles.  I can accept payment but need to have the other other two options integrated automatically which PayPal has said they don't support.I hadn't planned on using an LMS.  I already have a free elearning tutorial available as a teaser on my homepage which redirects to a full page for review.  It was my hope to provide access via a Members Login after payment and allowing an allocated time period for access.  I have some experience with Moodle and have considered it as an LMS but an LMS may be like buying a Ferrari when I only need a Toyota?Appreciate all feedback!