Is it possible to display two drag items at a time in a freeform drag and drop interaction?

Jun 01, 2016

I would like to create a freeform drag and drop interaction with multiple drag items, but I want only two images to be displayed at a time.  The learner will drag each image to the correct drop locations.  Once Submit is clicked and feedback is displayed, I would like for the two images to disappear and for two new images to take their place.  Is it possible to make this happen on one slide, or will I have to create a new slide for each interaction?  

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Helen Tyson

You should be able to do this by having some custom buttons & triggers on your slide.

  • Create all your objects and set up Drop Correct & Drop Incorrect states on everything where the items disappear within those states.
  • Set initial state of all but the first ones to be hidden
  • Set triggers on a custom button (not your final submit button) to change the states of the objects to drop correct/incorrect if they are placed appropriately
  • Set triggers to change the states of the next two items to normal when the previous ones are drop correct or incorrect
  • Rinse and repeat as many times as required
  • On the last pair make the custom button disappear and your proper submit button appear
  • Clicking submit should use the drop stats to assess your answer.

I've not actually tried to build this but In my head it feels like it should work. I hope you are successful with your attempt!


Christie Pollick

Hi, Shannon -- Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community! Looks like Helen's provided some really great information here, so please let us know if that will do the trick for you!

Or, if you still need additional suggestions, you are welcome to share a file if you already have one started. That can be really helpful in garnering more project-specific advice from your fellow community members. All you'd need to do is use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and browse/upload from there!