Is it possible to do VLOOKUP in Storyline 360?

This is my first assignment using variables and triggers beyond generic question slides. The client has given me an Excel spreadsheet with an algorithm (see attached) for identifying leisure activities for elderly family members. 

Slide 1: Given a list of categories (arts & crafts, sports, music, etc.), the learner will identify their family member's top two interests. 

Slide 2: Given a list of priorities (doing an activity together, doing an activity with another person, doing something healthy, etc.) the learner will identify the top two priorities for their family member. 

Slide 3: Displays suggested activities based on top interest + top priority, and second interest + second priority. 

In Excel, this is accomplished by assigning a number value to each interest and priority, listing all possible intersections, then displaying the proper activities using VLOOKUP. However, I'm not sure how to accomplish this in Storyline 360. Any thoughts/feedback/links to relevant tutorials would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you! 

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Michael Hinze

I think I answered my previous question and assume that the same codes are used for both top and second choice. Have a look at the this link here and see if that's what you wanted. On slide 3 of this rough example, I use an object with custom states to show the score of the top  choice (this could be used to show the different lists instead). For the second choice, I only show the combined score.