Is it possible to dynamically assign the text content to a shape when dropped on a hotspot (complicated scenario follows)

I have an ambitious idea, but not enough experience to know if I am totally over-reaching.  For my project I have a worksheet with a variety of categories - 5 in total.  The users need to assign one or more values to each category by dropping a sticky note with the value onto the relevant category.  What complicates matters is that the users determine their own values for the sticky notes. 

My idea is to have a text input that they type their chosen value into, before dragging a folded corner shape onto a target. I would then use a custom state to assign the text from the text input field to the dropped shape.  It's at this point where I get stuck.  I know the simple way is referencing a variable that is visible in the dropped state, BUT they could place anywhere from 5 to 20 stickies which makes tracking variables a pain.

Any suggestions for a better way of doing this?

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Richard Hill

Hi Liz, Here's a test I did because you got me curious.   The code is your's if you want it.  However the input text fields create  variables of type "TEXT" , which might not be what you need.  

In this demo just create your stickies and drag them to the bar on the right.

To make more stickies you can simply duplicate them and change their % variables on each state to match the  Variable names auto generated.  Hope this helps and good luck.