Is it possible to edit an Storyline 2 project in Storyline 1?

I created a project in Storyline 1, and i had to modify some things and I did it in another computer with Storyline 2 installed. 

I need to edit again this project but now, I need to do it in versión 1. 

Could I open an Storyline project created in Storyline 1 and actualizated in Storyline 2, again in Storyline 1?

Thank you!!!!!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eva, 

 Storyline 1 content can be upgraded to Articulate Storyline 2. However, Storyline 2 content can't be opened or edited with Storyline 1. 

When you upgraded the file, it should have created a back up copy of the Storyline 1 file, so you can still use that one to conduct any edits in Storyline 1, but it won't reflect the changes you made while in Storyline 2.