is it possible to have a video end on a freeze frame instead of fading to black in SL2?

Hi, I'm working on a course with a number of video clips and I'd like the clip to stay visible once it ends so I can overlay text on the freeze frame.  I'm on a layer, now and I think the screen goes black when the video ends since it isn't the end of the timeline. 

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Mike Taylor

You can always take a screen capture of the image you want to stay on the screen at the end and then set it to appear at the appropriate point in the timeline (when the video ends)

Beth McGoldrick

Does anyone know a better way to accomplish this? It seems so clunky to have to put a screenshot on the slide (and take up valuable bytes). I have a similar situation and I tried to put in a trigger to pause a screencast, but it doesn't work and goes to the end of the screencast and a blank screen anyway.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Daniel -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your difficulties! So, have you tried the suggestions shared above but are not finding an improvement in the affected courses? And are all of the published output files being tested in the same environment as described here? Any additional details you can provide would be greatly appreciated! 

Laura Layton-James

this is the same problem I have.  I have 4 videos on one slide.  3 of them end on a freeze frame an the last fades to black.  I haven't done anything differently with any of them.  I did expect all of them to fade to black but liked the freeze frame effect. 

Any idea why there is this inconsistency? 



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laura,

Is it the videos themselves or once you've inserted them into Storyline? Did you look at testing them out in any other video editing software to see the difference there? For the one that fades, did you apply any slide transitions or animations to the slide? Are you able to share a copy of your .story file here?  You can upload it using the "add attachment" button at the bottom of the reply window. 

Daniel Alexander


I had this issue with some of my videos and found a solution...

1. Select your video in Storyline and select 'edit video'

2. Select 'trim'

3. Go to the end of your video in the timeline and cut your video a few frames from the end, making sure that the video still ends on the frame you want it to.

4. Select 'save and close' and preview. Your video should now end on the last frame

Let me know how you get on