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Tonya Thomas

Ian Simms said:

I have used Flash and a little bit of ActionScript 3 programming to turn several of Storyline's illustrated characters into animated versions. The ActionScript automatically synchs the mouth movements based on the volume of the audio file being played (spoken). I export the Flash movie as a QuicktIme file and then import that into Storyline. The result works well, and is quick and easy to do (once I had built the library of characters), and the output works on IOS devices, despite being built in Flash. 

Ian, have you shared your process for doing this anywhere yet? Planning to?

WDG Automation

Hopefully, Storyline will someday implement Lip Syncing on your characters, allowing you to import audio and automatically generate motion, just as many animation tools already do. I can do movements with triggers, but it's totally unproductive.
For animation we have to use another tool, export a video and import into Storyline.