Is it possible to ignore a result slide that was never visited from the "aggregate" results slide scoring?

Aug 12, 2020

I have a branching course. Each branch has its own Assessment and Result slide at the end. Storyline only allows for 1 Results Slide to submit completion data to the LMS so I have a "Final" results slide that the user goes to after completing their branch. This silde gathers the results from all the other results slides. However since the user never visited any of the other results slides they will always fail the course.

Is there a way to "ignore" unvisited results slides from the aggregate total score

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Randall Sauchuck

Thanks Phil,

I am currently just using a "Complete Course" trigger on another slide but I would also like to include the score from the one Results slide they DID visit but my JavaCcript isn't working. This is called after I trigger the Course Complete.

var p = GetPlayer();
var currentScorePercent = p.GetVar("CurrentScorePercent");
var passScorePercent = p.GetVar("PassScorePercent");
lmsAPI.SCORM_SetScore(currentScorePercent, passScorePercent, 0);



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