Is it possible to import/convert a document to a Question Bank?

My client supplied a 12 page Word doc with 75 quiz questions. For each question, the answers and correct choice are formatted in a table.  Is there a way to import this so that each question in the doc becomes a Quiz question, i.e., exporting the Word doc into a different format that StoryLine can interpret and convert?

This is an example of the Word doc: 


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Pamela Davison

Hi Jerrie,

I've done something similar for Articulate Quizmaker, when we were converting paper quizzes to online quizzes. If you format the questions and answers into a text file (, then you can import the text file into Quizmaker and it will automatically create questions with the data you provide.  

I don't see the same text file import option in Storyline, but Storyline can import Quizmaker files (  So it's a bit of a roundabout way of doing this, but you should be able to import the text file into quizmaker, save the questions out as a Quizmaker file, then import it into Storyline.  This could be quite time consuming though, maybe others will know of a better way!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pamela,

The import of questions within a text file or excel file is currently only available in Quizmaker 13, which cannot be importing into Storyline as documented here.  

We're working to make this feature available in a future version of Storyline.

However, you can publish Studio '13 content for web, then embed it in Storyline as a web object. For example,here's how you'd insert an Engage '13 interaction in Storyline.