Is it possible to import PPT "make object appear " with a click?

Sep 06, 2013


When importing a PPT file that has animations (such as make an object appear) that are trigered by a mouse click ( when presenting), therse behaviors get converted into a timeline by default.

Is there any simple way to import a PPT slide that keeps the original behavior (i.e. changing states of n objects from hidden to visible in adefined order when clicking anywhere on a slide)?

Thank you ina dvance for any ideas.


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Roger Mepham

I don't know if this helps but when dealing with PPT content (especially narrated) I either import to storyline if it's a simple slide with a few appear or grow animations or for more complex slides with path animations etc. I record the slide as I narrate it in a slide show.

With PPT 2013 you can show slide notes on one monitor and slide show on a 2nd. So I run the slide show on my laptop set to the same resolution as my Story (i.e. 1024x768). Start Storyline screen recording and move the record window to the laptop. You have to move the pointer to the other screen and its a bit fiddly but you get the slide appearing exactly as mother Microsoft intended. I record one slide at a time and insert to one Storyline slide at a time.

Downside is you need a few takes to get it right but on the upside the narration and animations are perfect and all synched. Plus you can add images etc. on top of the video.

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