Is it possible to launch a Powerpoint Show (PPSX) with Articulate?

Sep 06, 2013

Hello Heroes and everyone else,

I need to  launch a Powerpoint Show presentation (PPSX... not PPTX) by clicking on an object in my Articulate project in a local environment ( i.e. by launching Launch_Story.exe)

Anyone knows how to do this ? Just putting the the full path with filename in the hyperlink does not work on my machine, Should it?

The only way I managed to do this is indirectly, i.e. a hyperlink from Articulate to an HTML page that has links to my PPSX file.

I know this is awkward, but everything else I tried (e.g. Javascript) failed.

That created another issue:

The link is opened in IE ( and my default browser is Firefox!) and IE doesn't launch the PPSX  viewer  (full screen) but launches Powerpoint.exe.

So... does  anyone know how to set Articulate to open locally Firefox and not IE?

Thank you in advance!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Vanya! Just curious if it would be better to save your Powerpoint as a video and import that into Storyline? That would eliminate all of the above issues, right?

  • Save the presentation as a video (In PowerPoint 2010, go to File > Save & Send > Create a Video. In PowerPoint 2013, go to File > Export > Create a Video.)
  • Insert the resulting video into Storyline via Add from File

Would that solution work for you? 

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