Is it possible to link matlab code, arduino and storyline output?


I am doing a project about a vest with 10 motors, they are connected to an arduino and the code is in Matlab and arduino software. 

I need to sincronize software slides with motor vibration. 

I would like to know how I could link all these. 

Anybody knows? 

Thank you. 

PD: I need to get to do this so I can move faster and graduate from my master


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karen munoz

Matthew, could you help me with that today later, I'm waiting for a person to send me the code. I can pay you please, really need your help. You are amazing here, thanks for the code about the response time saving. I really need to do this to save some time, cause my teacher wants to do it from scratch but thanks to him I'm near to lose all my master degree. 

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