Is it possible to overload a slide with triggers that they don't work anymore?

Hi there!

We're making a course that calls for multiple triggers on one slide.

In the first version of the course, there were fewer triggers and they all worked. However, now that new functions have been added and the triggers are twice as many, the older triggers won't work anymore.

The added triggers are entirely separate from the old ones so there are no conflicts in what they ask the program to do.

I can provide more details but my question would be if it's possible that the number of triggers on a slide could cause the error or not?

Thank you!

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Ryan DeWitt

wanted to chime in on this w/ something that's helped us troubleshoot. We have a buttons in courses with over 100 triggers, (Phil's 1000 is crazy!!) as we add to it usually gets screwed up, to troubleshoot I copy and paste it with triggers then remove triggers to check functionality and locate problem. :]