Is it possible to pull questions from multiple question banks to create a single quiz?

Dec 05, 2015

I know that the opposite is true:  You can pull from the same question bank to add questions in multiple quizzes, but is it possible to do the reverse. I have 7 different question banks which are organized by topic, and each bank contains 10 questions. I want to create a single quiz that pulls 2 questions from each question bank for a total of 14 questions.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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Cindy Shaver

Hi, I have a further question for this one. I have two question banks of 4 questions each. I want to randomly pull 2 from each question bank into the same quiz. I'm assuming that you do a separate 'draw' for each question bank? (I haven't found a way to pull questions from more than one question bank into the same draw.)

It then creates two slides. One for each draw from the specific question bank. I got the results slide to show marks based on all 4 questions so that works fine. However, when I preview the exam it lets you take the 2 questions from the first question bank draw and stops there. When I click on submit on the 2nd question (from the 1st question bank), it gives the  feedback screen and stops. It doesn't move forward to the 3rd question (from the 2nd question bank) and there isn't a button to move you forward.

Any help would be appreciated on this!


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