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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Will, 

You'd have to do each question slide individually, you're not able to update as a whole question bank at once. You'll have to do it from the individual slide properties here - and if you didn't have them in a question bank yet you could do it from story view to select more than one at a time. 

Will Findlay

Thanks Ashley! I didn't know about the second two methods listed at the page you linked to, and it was very helpful to find out about them. I had thought the only way to get to slide properties was in Story view, but these two options solve my problem:

  • In Slide View, click the gear icon on the base layer in the Slide Layers panel, or right-click the slide and choose Properties.
  • In a question bank, select the slide(s) you want to modify, then use the Slide Properties panel in the lower right corner to make your adjustments.