Is it possible to remove the title that appears under Notes in sidebar?

Jan 11, 2016

I am adding closed captioning to my course by adding it to the notes, then adding the notes to the sidebar, however, I do not want the title of each slide to appear under "Note" (see screenshot). Is there a way to remove the slide name?

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C. L. Norman

This certainly is not a “proper” way to do it, but you might get something similar to what you want by tricking Storyline into “removing” the name from the slide.  Click the slide in Story View, right-click, and select Rename.  (Or double-click the name beneath the slide.)  Since you can't leave the slide name empty, put a single space in the name and press Enter.  Notes will still display the name (and leave a gap for it), but it will appear to be blank.

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