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Michael Anderson

Thanks Wendy, I'll give that a try. Part of the issue is that this shape is used many times throughout the course.

The shape is a "play" button, a button with a triangle in the middle. If I can manage to re-create a working version of the button, can I replace the current shape with the new custom shape? Problem is I'm not sure how it was created in the first place.

Here is the shape (it's invisible because it's white):

Wendy Farmer

I think you can only 'change/replace' shape with a shape in the SL shapes panel. I think I understand your issue...the shape/s on the left blue circle/orange triangle are two separate objects so what happens the user has to click the orange (if that's the object the triggers are attached to) to progress.  The object on the right is a button with a play icon inserted onto the button so it is one object - no chance of click issues.

You could try adding a hotspot over the top of your invisible shape and copy/pasting the triggers from your object to the hotspot - but it's still work to do that.

Without seeing your file not sure if a button on a master slide would work for you.