Is it possible to reuse a feedback master in other projects?

I'm creating three modules for a client, and in one module I have created a feedback master set to align with the color of player I'm using for the course.  When I open one of the other modules, my new feedback master isn't available to me on the drop-down list.  It would be a huge time-saver if I could re-use that custom feedback master in my other two modules, but I can't figure out how to do it.  Is it possible?  (If not, it seems like a real oversight.)  I can do the work all over again manually for the other two modules, but that seems like a lot of unnecessary work, so I'm hoping I'm just missing something here.   Can anyone help?  Thanks!

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Andrew Sellon

Hey, Steve--thanks!  That workaround does the trick.  And yes, Bruce, I couldn't agree more--with all the Articulate team clearly learned from Captivate, I'm surprised that Storyline V1 didn't include a Library so that we can easily reuse any custom-created Themes, Templates, and Masters between projects.  I'm very glad Steve's workaround is possible, but I shouldn't have to open multiple iterations of Storyline just to reuse one of my own custom feedback masters.  In the next release of Storyline, whether interim or full, I sure hope that a Library feature is in it, along with a good selection of bullet styles.  So many great features to Storyline--but some of the basic omissions are that much more surprising as a result!    I'm making a list of feature requests to submit, and will look forward to seeing that functionality in a future version for sure.