Is it possible to save the current score of a questionnaire on a LMS even if it's not finnished?

I have this situation where a client would like to know the score of his users even if they did not have the time to complete it. Which mean that every last question that had not been answered would have a 0% result. Ex: I have 5 questions, and the learner answered correctly the 2 first questions and left the formation next after. The expected result would be 40%.

I tried to add the Submit Results Trigger on every slide, so the score could have been pushed/updated to the LMS on each slide, but this trigger freeze the possible interaction on every activity when it has been triggered. Result: I can't select any choice of my multiple choice activity on screen 2.

Someone has a clue?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jean, 

Storyline is reporting the data in regards to how the user answered throughout the course, but as far as the total score from that it won't be reported until they reach the results slide (or the completion requirement). I've heard of users looking at submitting the score on each slide by utilizing some Javascript, but I'd have to defer to the community in regards to that behavior.