Is it Possible to Skip Visited Elements on a Slide when Using Screen Readers?

Hi, I have interactive slides branched to other slides of the course where visited objects are marked as visited which gives clues to where to go next, but this does not seem to be a good approach for designing for screen reader users. The screen reader reads all elements all over again when I revisit the slide. Are there any settings in SL to prevent users clicking on elements that are already being visited?  Any tricks other than building totally different branches for screen reader users. Would greatly appreciate any advice. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

A couple of ideas:

  • Content on the base slide is going to be read in a specific order. Perhaps you break your content into layers that all launch when the the slide starts (make sure all layers are set to be visible). Use a variable to track what's been visited and when they return to the slide use that variable and a condition on the trigger to not show that content.
  • Create duplicate versions of the objects being read by the reader. The initial object can have different alt text than the duplicate. When an object is visited, hide it and show the duplicate. You can put simpler alt -text or remove it from being read.

If the person needs to be able to revisit content, then you probably want some sort of trigger to reset the slide. Also, I'd test with someone who uses a screen reader, they may not mind the re-read content as it helps orient them to the screen.