Is it possible to stop narration when chosen video is running?

Hi again

I have a narrated slide.
At one point a video appears so the learner can click on it, to get more information.

How can I create a trigger that when the learner clicks to see the film, the narration of the slide stops (as well as the progress in the timeline), and when he clicks to stop watching the video - the narration continues?

Is this possible?



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sheri,

I was playing around with a couple ideas. Not sure exactly what your scenario is, so let's start with this idea which works, but might not be right for you.

Place the video on a separate layer.

Set the layer (via the little gear icon) to Pause the timeline of the base layer

Add a button on that layer and insert a trigger to the button to hide the layer when the Learner clicks the button. Design the button so it appears to be stopping the video.