Is it possible to submit a single result slide when a course has multiple?

Feb 01, 2017

Hello everybody,


I have a course with two result slides. The course is adaptive in a way that a student only will do either quiz a or b. 

What I want to do is submit the result of quiz A if the student chose that specific path, OR submit the results of quiz B if the student chose that specific path.

Is there a way to do this?

Currently I can only select one of the two result slides. If I create a third result slide, I'm forced to combine scores from both quizzes. Which would result in a negative score.


Thanks in advance,



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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Micky - Yes, you can certainly have more than one results slide as you mention, but the difficulty does come in when your user has branched and you wish for either/or to be submitted. As you've found, the 'results of results' will look at both results slides, but you can only submit one to your LMS. 

I think other users default to the latter method and simply lower the pass threshold so that the user meets completion even though they only need to take one quiz. This thread may explain that a bit.

Hopefully other users in the community will be able to chime in and assist here.

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