Is it possible to track multiple quizzes in the same course if it's designed using Storyline 1?

Dec 06, 2014

We've been asked to create a multi-unit housing eLearning course. To meet HUD certification standards, we need to be able to track multiple quizzes within the same course and overall course scores for learners, document how long learners spend on each unit, and keep learners from moving out of a unit until they've spent at least 20 minutes in study there.  Are these criteria possible to meet if we design using Storyline 1? The nonprofit client doesn't currently have an LMS.  I assume this is necessary.  If so, can anyone recommend a cost-effective way to go?  Also: Is it possible for them to launch the course on the web and utilize a customized tracking system there?

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Nancy,

Wow! You have a lot going on there! I'll try and answer each the best I can.

First, yes you can track multiple quizzes in a single course. You'd create a Results slide at the end of each quiz. Then at the end of your course add a final Results slide that reports all the other Results slides to it.

Documenting how long someone was in the course is a bit trickier. While you can add timer to a quiz there's no current timer for the entire course - unless you built the entire course in quiz slides. :) Even so, you'd need a way to export that time to a report and/or some other functionality. With considerable thought and executing JavaScript there's probably a way to do that, but as you mentioned your client does not have an LMS currently which most would (should) be able to track time.

As far as an LMS recommendation, there are literally 100s on the market today. I think it's safe to recommend Articulate Online as a possible choice. ;)

For your last question, yes. Again, tracking outside of Storyline without an LMS is a project in of itself as you'd would certainly need to execute JavaScript from Storyline to to export whatever it is you're wanting to track.


Darla Woodworth


We created an online training that does just what you suggested.   We have 5 scenes - each with it's own quiz.  At the end of each, there is a results slide set with the condition that the learner has to pass with a score of 80%.  All five slides (at the end of the 5 scenes) report to another results slide at the end of the course. 

The final result slide is set to include all 5 quize results slides and the "User must pass each quiz" is selected.

We published it to the LMS using SCORM 1.2.  Of course, it needed a small change and when uploaded again, the training was all scrambled.  We got that issue fixed by using SCORM 2004.  We thought all was well with the world.

Now, we find that when it was published in SCORM 1.2 the course completed.  With SCORM 2004 it isn't completing. 

While we are asking questions, when would I use AICC instead of SCORM? 

Darla Woodworth

Thanks for the response!  Sorry to say, but the SCORM Cloud won't work for us for a couple reasons.  Most of all, the free trial limits storage size to 100 MB.  Our unzipped published file is 256MB.  Another reason is that I work for a state agency and I am not allowed to put anything in a cloud . . . sigh . . .

We are republishing to AICC to see if that makes a difference.

As I think about the problem, it doesn't seem to be with Storyline because the quizzing structure worked (the course completed) before we republished with a different SCORM.  I will open a ticket with our LMS.

Thanks for being there for us!

Darla Woodworth

Well, the problem was in the Articulate file.   In the final result slide properties, there is a dropdown for Calculate results for:  1. Selected questions, or 2. Selected results slides.   We changed it to Selected questions and then chose all the questions from the 5 previous quizzes.  The course now completes.

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