Is it possible to trigger a new layer based on other layers

Apr 22, 2013

I want a new layer to show when the states of objects have changed (to clicked) on two other layers in the same slide.  Is that possible, because I've tried different things and can't seem to make it work.?  It's a simple interaction.  The user clicks on one hotspot to be taken to a one layer, clicks on a second hotspot to be taken back so that they can make a second choice when a second layer shows.  If I set it so the wrap up layer shows when the two hotspots are selected, the before the user has a chance to view the second layer, it immediately flips to the wrap up layer.  If I set it so that the layers' 'return' hotspot state changes to select, I haven't figured out how to ensure the user has a chance to visit both layers before they go to the wrap-up layer.  I am using Storyline for the first time and so I am pretty green.  However, I feel confident that what I want can be done, I just don't know how.  Any help will be appreciated!

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Dorothy!

You should be able to set this up with conditions for the states, or variables.

You want the "Wrap Up" layer to show once the user has clicked on two hotspots, not objects, correct? I ask because you mentioned states and I don't believe you can apply states to hotspots since they aren't actually visible to the user. 

If it is objects that you're using that have a "Selected" or "Visited" state, you can apply this to a trigger that will show the "Wrap Up" layer on the condition that both objects meet that specific state.

Here's an example of how you could set this up:

Let me know if you still have trouble with this, or any questions!



Dorothy Baker

I have tried both hotspots grouped with objects and objects alone so that may be where the confusion in my question is.  When I set it up like you have, what happens is that as soon as the object is selected or the hot spot is clicked, then it flashes the second layer and then immediately flips it to the wrap-up layer, so the user has no time to actually look at the second layer.  What would be ideal is if I could have a trigger that says when object 1 on layer one is clicked and when object 2 on layer 2 is clicked (buttons that say 'click to return'), then layer 3 (the wrap up) is shown.  But I can't figure out how to make that work.  Or if I could set it up so that both layers need to be viewed for a minimum time before the wrap-up layer shows, that would work.  But again, I have no idea how to set that up.  I could build it so that one layer is triggered off the timeline of the other layer but then they would have to see the layers in only one sequential order and the interactiveness is significantly diminished.  So am I being too ambitious?

Mike Enders


It would help to know a little bit more about the design so that we can guide you in the correct direction.  

Do you want the wrap up layer to appear only after the 2nd layer has closed?

Do your buttons both reside on the base layer?  Or could they?

In general, what order do you want things to happen in?  For example... user is on base layer, clicks a button that shows layer, then there is a button the first layer that closes that layer and launches layer 02 and then there is a button on layer 02 that launches wrap up layer... ?  (just need a sense of the the mechanics and then we can get you where you want to go!).


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