Is it possible to upgrade to SL360 from an already upgraded SL3.

Hi team,

We have a number of SL3 licenses which are upgraded from either SL2 or SL1. That means our machines have either SL1 and SL3 or SL2 and SL3 available in the same machine. Our client now want us to use SL360 for all future projects. I would like to know if I can still upgrade these SL3 licenses to SL360 and can keep all the previous versions like Sl1, Sl3 and Sl360 or Sl2, SL3 and SL360 in the same machines. Please advise.

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Mahesh  Vijayan

Hi Phil,

Our client is specific on the license version. We would definitely need SL360, but I was wondering whether we could upgrade our existing SL3 to SL360. If this is not possible, then we should go for fresh SL360 licenses. We are evaluating the options to see what is most cost effective way.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mahesh,

You can run all versions of Storyline on the same machine, and that's actually a similar setup to what I have (SL2, 3 and 360 on my Windows 10 machine and SL1, 3 and 360 on Windows 8.1). 

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