Is it possible to zoom in on just the screen recording?

Jan 16, 2014

Hello to all the helpful Articulate community,

I am building my first software simulation using Articulate and I have created a screen recording that sits within a custom menu I designed. They both on the same scene. However I want to zoom into specific sections of the screen recording but when I apply the zoom it applies to the whole scene and all the layers. Is there anyway to apply the zoom to just one specific layer within a scene i.e the recording? I lose access to the custom menu I designed otherwise. 

The custom menu is in blue and I want that to remain in place rather than zooming in with the recording like on the right.

Many thanks for any help/ tips or information you can provide


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Pedro Fernandez


The Zoom function is only available for the Base Layer (unfortunately).

You may need to:

  1. Reorder your layers so that the video is in the base layer and just hidden.  This lets you use the Zoom function
  2. Call a Lightbox slide using a trigger, place the video on that slide, and use the Zoom function (in my opinion this is the cooler option but I have an unnatural afinity for lightboxes)

{Reference Article:}

Darren Campbell

Hey everyone, still trying to achieve this zoom effect using the methods highlighted above.

1)  I dropped the recorded video on the base layer and placed all the buttons and interface on a new layer above called "menu". I set a trigger to open the menu layer when the timeline starts. There is a slight delay as it loads the layer unfortunately but I can live with that. However when i apply the zoom on the base layer it still applies to all the layers on the slide. 

2) The lightbox method works better as the video zooms in correctly and the menu stays in place. However I don't feel it's quite right for what I'm trying to achieve. Firstly I lose all the functionality of the menu while the lightbox video is playing. It also greys out the original slide behind the lightbox and It also adds an extra step as the user has to click the (x) button to navigate back to the main course.

I know there must be a way to zoom in on a recording without affecting everything else. I was thinking of just adding the zoom manually in video editing software and export it back into storyline but I'm building a software simulation and i will need the feature for the try mode section of the course.

Many thanks..

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